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Heated mini-pool and JACUZZI

In the hotter months of the year – from mid-May to mid-September – our big outdoor swimming pool is open for a refreshing swim. You can also relax and sunbathe on the poolside patio where there are comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas.

The pool with its unique shape is about 18 x 5 meters and 1,4 meters deep. During the winter 2019/2020 the pool was completely renewed and offers now wide stairs with low water depth.

The constant filtering ensures clear water, but here in the middle of nature and leaves and pollen fall into the pool. So don’t be deterred by natures sometimes touch when you take a dip.

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Open Air SPA

During the cooler months of the year our Mini-Pool (Jacuzzi), heated to about 37 Celsius, is a welcoming retreat. The hydro-massage in this spa gives your muscles the treatment they deserve after an active day of excursions, hiking, horseback riding or bike trips.

Now you can forget about your bad back and contracted muscles. Lose yourself in this warm and pleasant atmosphere of our Spa. Hydro-therapy is a technique which uses the natural properties of water favouring the well being of the mind and total relax of the body. It’s the perfect combination between heat hydro-statics buoyancy and massage.

The heated Spa has different jets for different types of hydro-therapy. The Lounge seat has been designed to concentrate 6 points of “aku- pressure” and give an all over body massage.

There are 5 comfortable seats for hydro-therapy, 44 jets and cushions for your head. So total relax is guaranteed and you will feel fit again for your next adventures in Maremma Tuscany.

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